For the first time a new surgical procedure is stacked in Cuban province

For the first time a new surgical procedure is stacked in Cuban province
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24 April 2024
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A surgical procedure via endoscopy for the treatment of a trauma known as spring chain was successfully performed today on a 15-year-old adolescent from the central eastern province of Camaguey at the Eduardo Agramonte Piña Pediatric Hospital in this city.

Raykel Enmanuel Gonzalez was the beneficiary of this innovative treatment, with the possibility of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

The Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist, Alejandro Alvarez Lopez, along with his medical team, which included three specialists, an anesthesiologist and a nursing graduate, were the protagonists of a unique event that, according to Alvarez, has no evidence of surgeries performed by this method in Cuba, at least not published ones, he clarified.

He added that this procedure is performed through small incisions achieving the same surgical objective, which greatly favors esthetics, a very important issue especially in girls.

Alvarez also emphasized that this condition does not always require surgical procedure; first a conservative treatment is performed for a month and a half, or two months, and if it does not work, then they go to the second stage.

The main advantages of this minimal access surgery are that the patient is admitted the same day he/she is operated on, there is little chance of complications as there is no open wound, only 24 hours in the hospital and he/she can walk quickly.

The specialist explained that it is worth noting that 90 % of patients respond very well to the conservative measures taken in the rehabilitation room, where a series of physical exercises are performed to act on the inflammatory process, the use of analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and some change in lifestyle may also be necessary.

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