Fire extinguished at thermoelectric plant in Cuba

Fire extinguished at thermoelectric plant in Cuba
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15 June 2024
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The fire that broke out early Friday in the vicinity of the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric power plant (CTE) in the Cuban province of Matanzas has been dowsed.

According to information from Colonel Luis Carlos Guzmán, head of the Fire Brigade of the Republic of Cuba, the fire that occurred in one of the crude oil supply tanks with a capacity of 10,000 cubic liters of the CTE, came to an end after the rapid action of the forces involved.

Specialized forces of the Fire Department of the province and members of the Red Cross worked for nearly 5 hours to douse the fire in which no loss of human lives was reported and material damages were minimal.

Guzmán explained that the rapid action of the Fire Department and the development of the contingency mechanisms for this type of disaster allowed the effectiveness of the work deployed.

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