Fidel Castro and communication challenges in the digital era

Fidel Castro and communication challenges in the digital era
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13 August 2020
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The Association of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) will host an internet forum Thursday entitled 'Fidel Castro and communication challenges in the digital era’ dedicated to Cuban revolution leader Fidel Castro on occasion of his 94th birthday anniversary.

Panelists include renowned Cuban and Spanish scholars and experts in issues related to contemporary communication, among them Spanish sociologist Ángeles Diez, former European Parliament Member from Spain Javier Couso, also Spanish journalist and essayist Pascual Serrano and Rosa Miriam Elizalde, deputy president of the Association of Cuban Journalists (UPEC).

Cuban journalist Iroel Sánchez, director of the TV program “La Pupila Asombrada”, will serve as the internet forum moderator.

Thursday’s internet forum will be streamed live on social media and the digital platforms of the Association of Cuban Journalists at

In other actions to celebrate the 94th birthday anniversary of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro this August 13th, Producciones Abdala record company is promoting a multimedia entitled ‘Fidel Castro, Caravana de la Libertad 1959’ (Fidel Castro, 1959 Freedom Caravan).

Released in 2015 with collaboration from the Cuban History Institute, it compiles the audio of almost every speech by Commander Fidel Castro between January 2, 1959 in Santiago de Cuba, and his arrival with the Freedom Caravan in Cuba’s westernmost province of Pinar del Río, on January 17, 1959.

Besides the voice recordings, the multimedia, produced under Unicornio label, belonging to Producciones Abdala, compiles also the full transcript of Fidel’s speeches, and their repercussions in Cuban publications like Bohemia magazine and the daily newspapers Hoy and Prensa Libre.

It includes also a photo gallery with images taken along the Caravan journey from the Cuban eastern region to Fidel’s entrance in Havana on January 8th, 1959.


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