“This Experience has Made Me a Man”

“This Experience has Made Me a Man”
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7 November 2022
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His name is David Matamoros Carrasco and he traveled from Bayamo, Granma, to San Luis, Pinar del Río, to lend a hand to those most needed and, under a burning sun, with the accumulated fatigue of almost a month of intense work, the first thing he does is to say thanks:

“We are very grateful to the people of Pinar del Río, they are very good people, they treat us wonderfully, they are happy when they see us on the roads full of bushes, where transport cannot reach, and we explain to them about the situation we have, we encourage them, we tell them: we are here. They have a huge encouragement, we also helping; I gave my water bottles to a pregnant woman, that's what we Cubans are for, to help each other."

It turns out that when you analyze the 924.2 km, according to Saint Google, he traveled to support the recovery after Ian's relentless path through the westernmost province of Cuba, this young lineman from the Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) is far greater than the sacrifice, the personal growth:

«Let me give to you straight: this has made me a man in life, it has made me grow, because in addition to learning things from more experienced linemen, you are away from the family, you have to do all things on your own... this experience has taught me a lot of things".

When he was called up, he was about two months away from his first year on the job.

What did he think, what did he do? «Nothing, just packed my suitcase and come here to comply with the Revolution. Here we are, the linemen of ETECSA to recover communications for the population».

Without fears? «Of course not, here I rather grew fonder of this work».

Her girlfriend stayed in Bayamo, a little sad, he tells me, «but she is faithful to me and I to her too, so, as if we had to spend another month here; that the people of Granma can count on us, here until we are needed».

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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