European platform calls for meeting against blockade on Cuba

European platform calls for meeting against blockade on Cuba
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8 December 2023
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The Europe for Cuba channel confirmed on Friday to hold its second international meeting in solidarity with Cuba in January in Bilbao, to condemn the US blockade, and define new actions against that policy.

In a conversation with Prensa Latina, the coordinators of the platform, José Antonio Toledo, Haydeline Díaz, and Patricia Pérez, discussed the expectations for the event, which is scheduled for January 26-28 in the Spanish city of Bilbao, where more than 150 delegates are expected to participate.

Parliamentarians and representatives of solidarity associations, trade unions, and political forces will review the activities organized by the channel in the last year after the first meeting held in Seville in early 2023.

Although it is a European forum, the participation of Latin American delegations will be extensive, the coordinators of the channel said.

Toledo, Díaz, and Pérez stated that the actions to denounce and reject the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States will be the focus of the debates, which will also include support for causes such as those of Venezuela and Palestine, the latter has been subjected to a new Israeli aggression these days.

During the last nine months, Europe for Cuba developed the “World Tsunami against the US blockade against Cuba” campaign, to conclude in Bilbao after touring several continents with messages on social media, rallies, and shipments with solidarity cargo to Cuba.

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