European Commission endorses suppression of short domestic flight

European Commission endorses suppression of short domestic flight
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3 December 2022
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The European Commission (EC) gave the green light to the French measure by which short domestic flights were suppressed when a train trip of less than two and a half hours is possible.

The European executive body opened an investigation into the matter in 2021, following an appeal lodged by some airlines and several French airports, claiming that the law passed by the French Government introduced discrimination among carriers.

Brussels and Paris held talks to ensure that the project complied with European law, and in particular, an exception in the law that allowed short domestic flights if they were connecting to long-haul flights had to be reformed.

After learning about the EC ruling, French Transport Minister Clement Beaune considered the decision to be a major step forward in the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,’ and ‘will allow initiating new stages in the effective banning of airlines when there is an alternative of less than 2.5 hours by train,’ he declared.

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