European Ambassadors Visit Economic Projects in Eastern Cuba

European Ambassadors Visit Economic Projects in Eastern Cuba
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26 May 2022
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Holguin, May 25 (ACN) European ambassadors accredited in Cuba visited local development and economic projects in this eastern province aimed at contributing to the country’s economy.

European Union ambassador Isabel Brihlante Pedrosa was interested in local projects and the performance of non-state economic businesses and their linkage to other enterprises and sectors.

Holguin governor Julio Cesar Estupiñán briefed the visitors about local strategies to strengthen links between state and non-state economic actors to boost production and services.

He said Holguin counts on important state companies like two nickel industries and a thermo-electric power plant, as well as a varied production of export commodities, including tobacco, coffee, charcoal and zeolite.

German ambassador Heidrun Tempel stressed the need to keep up actions to guarantee food autonomy and use renewable energy sources.

Tourism official in the province Francisco Suarez explained about the local potential as the country’s third major tourist center, distinguished by its beaches, vegetation and mountains, with over 7 thousand hotel rooms.

Provincial Culture director Rachel Garcia told the diplomats that Holguin province is a major artistic scenarios on the island with cultural activities underway year round.

The ambassadors, from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Holland and other nations, visited places of social and economic interest, such as the University of Holguin, the Bucanero Beer Brewery, and others.

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