Eta moves over Gulf of Mexico waters

Eta moves over Gulf of Mexico waters
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9 November 2020
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The Forecast Center of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology informed on Monday that Tropical Storm Eta is located about 210 kilometers from Havana and is moving over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

This tropical storm had little change in its organization and intensity early today, although heavy showers were seen around the center of the cyclone.

Eta has maximum sustained winds of 100 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, and a central pressure of 992 hectoPascal.

In the last few hours, the tropical storm was moving in a west-northwest direction, slightly decreasing its speed to 20 kilometers per hour.

The center of Eta was located at 25.1 degrees North latitude and 82.4 degrees West longitude about 210 kilometers north of Havana and about 260 kilometers north-northeast of Bahia Honda, in Artemisa.

In the next few hours, Eta will incline its course towards the west-southwest in the morning and southwest in the afternoon, gradually gaining in organization and intensity, with possibility of becoming a hurricane on Tuesday.

Due to abundant rainfall in the last 48 hours, there is saturation of soils, while low-lying areas and those that make drainage difficult can cause flooding.


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