Establishment compels: Biden, war-minded?

Establishment compels: Biden, war-minded?
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5 July 2021
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When Joe Biden was running for President of the United States, he was known by his followers as a quiet, peaceful man, especially if we compared him to the warmongering style of sneaky Donald Trump.

Nonetheless, after his election victory, the current President has been unwilling or unable to execute many of his promises, which are linked to conciliation. And we, the Cuban people, are witnessing so.

Despite occasional, baseless complaints for the unlikely help from Russia and Iran to the Trump’s campaign, nothing indicated a big shift in the U.S. official foreign policy, which is aggressive.

Besides supporting, okaying and not setting right the actions of the previous administration, which imposed sanctions in all directions to entities unsubordinated to the U.S. mandates and are actually getting worse by the current COVID-19 pandemic, Biden has taken into a whole new level the confrontational policy with Russia with warships, war planes and soldiers near the border of the Slavic country. Not to mention the support that the U.S. government still provides to terrorists who — under the false title of members of the opposition — are constantly attacking the territories of Syria and Iraq.

The air strikes against allegedly Pro-Iranian forces — which Biden accuses of attacking American military bases in Iraq — at the Syrian-Iraqi border is just one example.

Actually, the crisis at the region has deteriorated as a result of the illegal presence of American troops North Syria, where they also safeguard the pillaging of the oil wells belonging to Damascus.

For the first time ever, the location of the American occupying troops was attacked and they responded back with artillery fire.

Everything is happening at the time American troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, a Biden’s call very criticized by warlords, who point out that the Kabul’s regime will collapse without the backing of the U.S. army.

Biden is also being questioned by members of his own Democratic Party who criticize he is venturing into a so-called low-intensity warfare in the Middle East, with the consequent threat of becoming the target of an aggression that may well end up in a nuclear war.

It is not an overreaction when people say the U.S. has made all necessary adjustments to face the WWIII, which could precisely spark off in Syria.

American sources have hinted that the U.S. is working towards an “extreme solution” to the conflict in the Middle East if a nuclear war breaks out, by attacking Syria with deadly biological weapons aiming to assassinate tens of millions of innocent people.

These frightening assumptions of U.S. future actions against its enemies were leaked by Russian intelligence analysts in a newsletter after making an exhaustive analysis of the spy drone RQ-170 Sentinel, which was downed in Iranian soil by using electronic warfare, which is used against unmanned aerial vehicles causing with little damage as they are equipped with a sophisticated system of aerosol dispersion.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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