Equipment deployed to contain fire in Matanzas, Cuba

Equipment deployed to contain fire in Matanzas, Cuba
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8 August 2022
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Matanzas, Cuba, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Despite the intensification of the fire in the affected area of this provincial capital, equipment is being deployed to contain the fire that started on Friday due to a lightning strike at the Supertanker Base.

The Governor of the territory, Mario Sabines, said that a large hydraulic pump has been assembled.

He also stated that the equipment to launch foam against the flames is being positioned.

It is not all bad news, he emphasized after announcing that the upper part of a third tank collapsed and spilled burning fuel.

This is the third tank affected of a battery of four that form part of the largest fuel storage and transfer base on the island, located in the bay of Matanzas, in western Cuba.

In that area there is another tank whose contents were previously evacuated.

The efforts of Cuban firefighters and experts are concentrated there, as well as those of Mexico and Venezuela, whose governments responded promptly to the request for international cooperation from Cuba.

Earlier today, several Mexican planes arrived at the Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport.

Last night the second tank collapsed and the explosions caused in three people minor injuries that were treated.

So far, one firefighter is reported dead and 16 others are missing. More than a hundred people were injured, although most of them have been released from the hospital.


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