Engineers and architects from Cuba will hold international events

Engineers and architects from Cuba will hold international events
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23 September 2023
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The National Union of Construction Engineers and Architects of Cuba (Unaicc) confirmed today the holding of two international events, with the purpose of providing a broad professional exchange between participants.

Directors of that organization reported on the 5th Engineering Conference convened from October 19 to 21, 2023, promoted by the Society of Electrical and Industrial Engineers, one of the five member entities of the Unaicc.

The event aims at the sharing of experiences in the best professional practices, the generalization of engineering solutions and the promotion of international cooperation among colleagues, since the organization has relations with more than 50 countries on the five continents.

The forum will discuss on automation and certification of processes, energy efficiency and change of matrix in energy generation, and maintenance.

Works on the circular economy and reorganization of value chains, introduction to electromobility in Cuban society and good practices in the use of quality and environmental management will also be presented.

Engineer Guillermo Mateo Reyes presented the bases of the 6th Congress of Hospital Architecture and Engineering, scheduled for November 16 to 19, to address aspects related to intrahospital systemic management in favor of a new resilient health model.


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