Drenching rainfalls pour down in Santiago de Cuba

Drenching rainfalls pour down in Santiago de Cuba
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2 June 2023
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Yearning for a ray of sunshine in this eastern city, famous for its high temperatures, may seem surreal, but thousands of Santiago de Cuba residents have holded over their umbrellas given pelting rainfalls have been pouring down for over a week.

A trough in addition to other bad weather regional conditions has triggered this situation since yesterday.

Heavy rains began on Thursday’s early morning, disrupting an extensive dry season with its consequent negative effects. Therefore, at Friday noon, there have been feelings mixing gratitude for these undeniable benefits with the wishes for the rain to stop or at least to give the population a break because humidity excess is taking its toll on people and things.

According to the Institute of Meteorology, it forecast clouds and showers will continue in Friday afternoon and evening.

Although Santiago’s reservoirs did not show signs of a real recovery of their depressed storage, it is to be expected a positive change in this situation.

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