Diaz-Canel highlight historic ties between Cuba and Mexico

Diaz-Canel highlight historic ties between Cuba and Mexico
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16 September 2021
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President Miguel Diaz-Canel noted on Thursday that Mexico is one of Cuba's dearest countries due to the historic ties and solidarity that unite both nations.

In a speech during the civic-military ceremony to celebrate Mexico's independence, the visiting head of State recalled the ties of friendship and collaboration between both nations.

President Diaz-Canel spoke about the Mexican war of independence, which began with the Cry of Dolores by Father Miguel Hidalgo more than 200 years ago and defended 'social and indigenous causes which made it different from similar ones in Latin America'.

He also mentioned the relations between Cuban and Mexican heroic fighters, as well as the visits by Mexican heads of State to Cuba after 1959, when the United States began its hostile policy against the Caribbean island.


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