Díaz-Canel denounces Washington's silence over terrorist attacks

Díaz-Canel denounces Washington's silence over terrorist attacks
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9 July 2020
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The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, denounced this Thursday the complicit silence of the United States government, referring to the terrorist attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington, DC last April 30th.

The president demanded the lack of an official communication from the White House on the firearm attack against the Cuban diplomatic headquarters.

Cuban-born citizen Alexander Alazo fired more than thirty shots at the diplomatic headquarters, located near the White House.  At the time of the attack on the island's embassy, there were 10 Cuban officials inside, but none were injured.

Since then, no senior U.S. official has informed Cuban authorities of the terrorist attack.  Alazo is in detention and has been linked to members of anti-Castro groups in southern Florida.

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