Dialogue in Cuba on human rights

Dialogue in Cuba on human rights
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8 December 2021
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The 4th International Seminar Dialogues on Human Rights begins Wednesday at the University of Havana (UH), with a program that includes special presentations, keynote addresses, and panels on human rights. 

The event, to be held until December 10, will open with remarks by Yuri Perez, professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law of this capital city and coordinator of the event's organizing committee.

The program will include a debate on human rights in couple relationships and assisted reproduction, the links between religion and the guarantees of people in the family sphere, and an analysis of Cuba's socio-legal reality.

According to the call, there will also be a discussion on the National Program of Attention to the infertile couple to promote the inclusion of homoparental couples.

Likewise, participants will exchange on the right to education, work, and social security.

Other meeting points will be a workshop focused on international treaties, duties in the family environment, protection of children and adolescents, confronting gender violence, freedom of expression in social networks, sexual and reproductive guarantees, and the theme of democracy and institutionality on the island.

The event was convened by the Union of Jurists of Cuba, the UH Law School, the Cuban Association of the United Nations, and the National Center for Sex Education, among other institutions.

Cuba is internationally recognized for the promotion and enjoyment of human rights, including free access to health services and inclusive and quality education throughout life.

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