Death Toll From Russian School Shooting Climbs to 13

Death Toll From Russian School Shooting Climbs to 13
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26 September 2022
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At least 13 people were killed, including seven children, in a shooting at a school in the city of Izhevsk on Monday, TASS news agency reported, citing the Russian Investigative Committee.

Fourteen children and seven adults were injured in the attack at the No. 88 school located near the city administration building of Izhevsk, the capital city of Russia's Udmurt Republic.

It was reported earlier that nine people were killed and about 20 others wounded in the shooting.

The shooter has committed suicide and his body has been found, the committee said, adding that he was wearing a black T-shirt with Nazi symbols and a balaclava, and his identity remains unclear as he had no documents with him.

The school has 982 students and 80 teachers, and they have been evacuated. The governor of the Udmurt Republic declared three days of mourning beginning on Monday.

This attack came a few days after the first anniversary of a similar shooting on the Perm University campus, in which six people were killed and 24 wounded on Sept. 20, 2021.

On that occasion, the attacker was identified as a former student of the center and was injured when security forces intervened to arrest him.


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