Cultural Day Cuba Va Opens Celebrations for Yearend

Cultural Day Cuba Va Opens Celebrations for Yearend
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24 December 2022
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Music, dance and theater in the communities are today the focus of the Cuba Va Cultural Day, which opens the national celebration agenda for the end of the year and greets the new anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.


Organized by the Ministry of Culture, the initiative summons the large groups of casineros, danzonero, and rumbero on the island as well as the movement of poets and improvisers to bring their art to the neighborhoods until December 30th.


Also remarkable is the activation of the cultural Guerrilla belonging to the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade, which celebrates its half century of creation in more than 60 sites in the Island under the proposal My brigade in your community.


Like every yearend, the objective is to promote the talent of popular and traditional Cuban music so that people celebrate, feel good, share, enjoy, and dance, the organizers of the proposal assured.


The Day, under the motto Juntar y vencer, fosters union among Cubans through art, for which it involves more than two thousand cultural institutions of the country immersed in an artistic program designed for all interests, different age groups and population.

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