Culinary Federation of Cuba celebrates its 40th anniversary

Culinary Federation of Cuba celebrates its 40th anniversary
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26 January 2021
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The Culinary Federation of Cuba celebrated on Monday its 40th anniversary, as it strives to fulfill its founding objective of contributing to improve the quality of gastronomic services and cuisine in particular.

Eddy Fernandez Montes, president of the Culinary Federation of Cuba told the Cuban News Agency that today, in a context marked by monetary order and price changes, the work of the organization is strengthened.

Faced with the current reality, the issue of quality is a challenge, and to obtain it, training, improvement and demand, values and skills that the Federation defends and instills, he explained.

The commitment we have today with the people is to bring quality closer to prices, since there must be an equivalence between what the customer is paying and what he receives, both from the point of view of service and processing, he added.

Professional improvement is something that should never stop, not even in the most complex moments, since that is when preparation is most needed to make the best use of resources.

In the period marked by COVID-19 in the country, the Federation has been forced to rethink and change its working methods and styles, and its work has become even stronger, said its president in an online interview.

Now it is difficult to obtain imported products from abroad, so national cuisine is consolidated and as it is impossible to move to other provinces, regional cuisine is strengthened, and new ways of doing with what is available in the markets are sought.

In Cuba, said Fernández Monte, the gastronomic memory is maintained, there has been, despite the needs, a resistance cuisine that above all has not lost the Cuban identity, because based on the original recipe, people recreate meals depending on the food they have.

The Culinary Federation of Cuba has worked to strengthen and enrich Cuban Creole cuisine and thanks to its work, it was declared a national heritage by the Ministry of Culture.

Among the organization's aspirations is that Cuban cuisine will be recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) in the not-too-distant future.

To celebrate its 40 years of existence today, virtual meetings will be held in all the provinces of the country and, according to the director, the best tribute is that what is cooked in homes today is based on the cuisine of the largest Antillean island.

The Culinary Federation of Cuba was founded on January 26, 1981, as a popular organization that could reach the entire length and breadth of the country, and today it already groups more than 60 thousand associates.

It has a publishing house that has published more than 50 cookbooks and was recognized last year as one of the best in the world and also distributes the magazine Arte Culinario, which has become Arte Chef.

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