Cuba's med to be tested in patients with sepsis

Cuba's med to be tested in patients with sepsis
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5 November 2020
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Cuba's Center for Molecular Immonology (CIM) announced the start of a new phase I and II study to assess the safety and effect of the therapeutic antibody Itolizumab in patients with sepsis.

'Beginning from the experience of #Itolizumab in #COVID19 and its role as an immunomodulator, experts are currently assessing a new application project of this product for patients with sepsis ', highlights the CIM on Twitter.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sepsis is a complication that occurs when the body produces an abnormal, unbalanced immune response to an infection.

The agency indicates that sepsis is a medical emergency and if not diagnosed and treated early, it can cause irreversible tissue damage, septic shock, multiple organ failure and be life threatening.

WHO warns that each year about 31 million people suffer an episode of sepsis and of those six million die, especially in less developed countries where it is one of the main causes of maternal and neonatal death.


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