Cuba's gradual return to normalcy demands responsibility

Cuba's gradual return to normalcy demands responsibility
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11 October 2021
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Havana, October 11 (RHC)-- Cuban authorities are warning about the need to maintain responsibility and compliance with sanitary norms to prevent Covid-19, at a time when the country is gradually returning to normality.

In a scenario in which infection figures show a downward trend, while vaccination is progressing, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and Health Minister José Ángel Portal insist on the importance of continuing to improve these indicators.

During the last 15 days, the Caribbean nation confirmed 74,569 people with the disease and all the provinces experienced a drop in the incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants These are  favorable elements on which they call for not going backwards, given the upcoming massive return to the classroom and the opening of tourism.

The resumption of on-site classes and the relaxation of Covid-19 control measures in several provinces do not mean that the danger has passed. It means that the challenges are increasing', remarked the president on Twitter.

Avoiding overconfidence is the exhortation reiterated in the follow-up meetings on the behavior of the epidemic in Cuba, because it is easy to get carried away by positive results such as the decrease in active cases, which last Saturday was around 18,000, while 10 days ago they exceeded 28,000.

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