Cuban president repudiates smear campaigns against national elections

Cuban president repudiates smear campaigns against national elections
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30 March 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel criticized the smear campaigns promoted by the enemies of the Cuban Revolution in an attempt to undermine the success of the recent national elections.

He spoke of the attempts of the counterrevolutionary press to present the results of last Sunday’s elections as “the great abstention,” even when 75.92 percent of over 8,120,000 voters went to the polls.

“It is the same press that makes up the electoral results of the countries of the so-called First World, where participation in these processes, in a lot of cases, does not even reach 60 percent, and they are nations that are neither blocked, attacked nor subjected to a huge media slander campaign,” he said.

“One would have to wonder why this biased look against Cuba; simply because, although sometimes we do not believe it, we are an example to the world, and that example must continue to be defended now with the encouragement of the results of these elections,” he stated.

Regarding the massive popular participation, he pointed out that “it was a display of civility and patriotism, of loyalty to the Revolution, of fidelity, of political conscience, which showed that the people know who causes the situation we are facing.”

During a meeting with the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday, the Cuban head of State talked abundantly about the complexity of the context in which the elections were held and the opportunistic way in which some people try to compare the results of 2018 elections with the current ones, without taking into account the economic pressure to which Cuba is subjected.

He also pointed out that Cubans continue to see the National Assembly of People’s Power as a legitimate and necessary instance to face the difficulties that threaten the country.

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