Cuban President congratulates Uneac on its 60th Anniversary

Cuban President congratulates Uneac on its 60th Anniversary
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22 August 2021
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President Miguel Díaz-Canel today highlighted on Twitter the work of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (Uneac) in developing Cuban culture, and congratulated the organization on its 60th anniversary.

In its tweet, Díaz-Canel remember UNEAC was created 'in the heat of the founding years', and it 'has been home, workshop and prestigious tribune of intellectuals and artists in the #CubanRevolution.'

Since its creation on August 22, 1961 by the National Poet of Cuba Nicolás Guillén, the organization that groups the island's artistic and literary vanguard has been committed to preserving the project of social justice and national independence.

In these six decades -the President further wrote- UNEAC has become a space for the convergence of Cuba's intelligentsia to promote a heterogeneous and generational dialogue among writers and artists, and it sets out new paths, adapting its work to the new times.

On August 20, the Cuban head of state participated in the official ceremony for the 60th anniversary of UNEAC, in which the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the architect of its foundation, was honored.



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