Cuban lyric artists to honor Vilma Espín

Cuban lyric artists to honor Vilma Espín
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8 April 2024
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Lyric artists will sing at the Casa Balear (Balearic House) in this capital to pay tribute to Cuban revolutionary heroine Vilma Espín on her 94th birthday.

Las Voces group and some members of the Mariana de Gonitch Academy cultural project, directed by tenor Hugo Oslé, will offer a selected repertoire, the maestro said.

The Academy emerged 17 years ago on April 7, the same day as Vilma’s birth in 1930.

After the revolutionary triumph in 1959, Espín, born in Santiago de Cuba, dedicated herself to the struggle for empowering women and giving them more opportunities for development and improvement in Cuban society.

In her daily work, she influenced many women who dedicated their lives to fighting for their rights and achieving their full participation, along with men, in the country’s progress toward greater social justice.

For decades Vilma led the Federation of Cuban Women, and after her death, she became the eternal president of the organization that she had made so prestigious.

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