Cuban foreign minister calls for a new financial system

Cuban foreign minister calls for a new financial system
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17 October 2021
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Sunday reaffirmed that eradicating poverty and saving the world depend on creating an 'honest, equitable and humane' financial system, as historic leader Fidel Castro pointed out.


On Twitter, the foreign minister, recalled on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the speech of June 9, 1999, the then president of Cuba delivered at the Summit of Latin American Heads of State and Government and the European Union.

'Instead of a 'new architecture' for an old and outmoded system, it is urgent to demolish the established financial system and create another truly honest, democratic, equitable and humane that helps eradicate poverty and save the world,' Fidel Castro said.

On Saturday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned this is a problem that has increased for the first time in two decades, influenced by inequalities between the north and the south.

Guterres said that the Covid-19 pandemic empoverished 120 million people more last year and called to eradicate poverty, fight excessive indebtedness and guarantee investment for recovery in the most needy countries.

He added that the number of women living in extreme poor conditions far exceeds men, and the 22 richest individuals of the world are wealthier than all African women.

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