Cuban firefighters express sorrow for deaths in Matanzas

Cuban firefighters express sorrow for deaths in Matanzas
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19 August 2022
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Matanzas, Cuba, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Matanzas firefighters describe the loss of 16 human lives in the extinction of the fire in the industrial zone of this western city, as an event full of pain and a very hard moment for Cuba.

In statements to Prensa Latina, César González, a young firefighter associated with the Matanzas city Supertankers No.2 Command, thanked the people for attending the funeral services and expressed his solidarity during the incident.

He explained that as soon as he learned about the fire he joined his companions and launched himself to mitigate the flames from the first line of fire.

The deflagration occurred at sunset on Friday, August 5, and at 05:00 local time, I was already there, he said.

González expressed his condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives due to the incident and expressed that this is a very hard and painful moment for all of his colleagues.

He stressed that this experience does not discourage him in his work as a firefighter, “here we are to move forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, Renier Miyares, one of those injured in the oil depot explosions, considers himself a firefighter by birth due to his family heritage in this profession.

Today he is a worker of the Services Assurance System of the Ministry of the Interior and a volunteer firefighter since he left active military service in 2010.

Regarding the tribute to the fallen, he explained it is an indescribable moment, since many of the deceased knew him as a child. My dad, he points out, was a firefighter for 39 years in this province and retired as chief of operations.

For his part, Luis Manuel Espino, president of Writers and Artists Union of Cuba (Uneac), considered that this is a loss for a country. Not only Matanzas is parading and honoring these heroes, but all of Cuba with immense pain, he stressed.

Espino commented the city’s artists carry out cultural activities for the evacuees, especially for the children, who were greatly affected by the unfortunate events.

To honor those who gave their lives fulfilling a sacred duty, we are preparing future projects, he said. All our respect and love for firefighters, the job of heroes, he stressed.

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