Cuban diplomats exchange with U.S. religious leaders

Cuban diplomats exchange with U.S. religious leaders
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9 February 2023
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The impact of sanctions and blockade measures by the U.S. government against Cuba was discussed during an exchange between Cuban diplomats and parishioners of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.

As reported today by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, during the meeting the diplomats discussed the current situation of the island, particularly the economic transformations being carried out, as well as the aspects that characterize the bilateral relationship between the two countries today.

The group of Presbyterian religious learned about the sectors of life of the Cuban population and the spheres of the economy where the consequences of six decades of the blockade are most appreciated.

In addition, the diplomats reported how these regulations limit the ability of U.S. religious organizations to relate with their counterparts in Cuba, both in terms of joint projects and in facilitating humanitarian support of various kinds.

The Cuban diplomats urged the religious to get to know the Island from its roots and share with its people as the most effective way to understand the history and realities of the Caribbean nation; as well as to promote good relations between Cuba and the United States, taking into account the geographical and cultural proximity.

For her part, Marilyn Sieber, president of the Cuba Partners Committee of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, pointed out that the church remains committed to promoting ties between the peoples and religious communities of Cuba and the United States, as well as advocating for the lifting of economic sanctions against Cuba shortly. (Source: ACN)

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