Cuban Chamber of Commerce prioritizes support to entrepreneurs

Cuban Chamber of Commerce prioritizes support to entrepreneurs
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3 September 2022
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The Cuban Chamber of Commerce provides support programs for entrepreneurs to strengthen value chains, increase competitiveness, encourage internationalization and promote the digital transformation of businesses.

As explained by Leyanis López, a specialist in the Chamber’s legal department, they will create exchange mechanisms with an innovative dynamic, where all the stakeholders come together to transform processes associated with trade and investment.

To achieve this, the results that support the export roadmap, the export diversification program, the territorial development plans, the local development projects are integrated, she indicated.

“With a current membership of 1,072 companies, we have a diverse network but with a common goal: to grow economically and contribute to the country. The new services will allow us to help them,” said López.

Based on this, the program for value chains seeks synergies between related and complementary economic players, complementation of production and logistic processes, and definition of business and investment opportunities, among other goals.

Meanwhile, the internationalization department manages direct and inverse missions, face-to-face, virtual or hybrid business rounds, exhibitions in Cuba and abroad, fairs, B2B business meetings, as well as other events and publications.

In parallel, the one designed to promote competitiveness, aims to increase productive and negotiating skills, while designing workshops on issues intrinsically linked to international trade activity, among other objectives.

Finally, the section on digital transformation offers advice on resources such as digital business ecosystems in global supply and demand chains, integration platforms that interconnect counterparties, and automated processes that reduce costs and add value.

These programs improve management within companies and help them to be in better conditions to access international markets, summarized the specialist from the Chamber of Commerce.


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