Cuban artists present exhibition in Spain

Cuban artists present exhibition in Spain
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26 January 2024
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Albor, an exhibition by Cuban photo artists David Lopez Cruz and Julio Cesar Garcia, remains at the Casa de la Cultura Agustin de la Hoz in Arrecife, Canary Islands, and shows snapshots about childhood, taken in this Cuban western city.

Without intending to, we approached the same theme of childhood, David on his part in the streets of Matanzas and me inside my family, with my children, Garcia explained to the Cuban News Agency; he thanked Laina Fernandez, Spanish photographer and editor, for being the curator of the project.

Previously, the exhibition was from October 12 to November 12, 2023 in Bodegas Lo Maximo in Madrid, conferences were offered around the theme in Barcelona, the University of Alcala and now comes to Lanzarote, through the management of Carlos Parra, who directs a project linked to art and marketing, he argued.

Garcia explained that the exhibition brings together 14 photographs by the young Lopez and an equal number of his own, will be exhibited in the Canary Islands until March, and said he was very pleased with the tour of the works in Spain.

With the dawn of childhood as a common theme, everyday life and experimentation converge in an exhibition representative of the work of two artists of the lens of the province of Matanzas who bet on photography to energize thought and emotions.

Julio Cesar Garcia, graduated from the Art Instructors School of Matanzas in the specialty of Plastic Arts, and David Lopez Cruz, graduate in English Foreign Languages Education, have national and international awards that evidence a career in constant growth, and marked sensitivity to social issues.

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