Cuba will support fight against Covid-19 in Palestine

Cuba will support fight against Covid-19 in Palestine
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26 November 2020
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Cuban ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Pellicer, assured today that his country will support Palestine in the fight against Covid-19 as it has always done with the least favored in the world.

A delegation from the Democratic Front of Palestine, made up of the leaders Ali Faisal and Abraham Al Nimer, visited the diplomatic legation on occasion of the fourth anniversary of the physical disappearance of Fidel Castro.

Faisal and Nimer confirmed their fidelity and loyalty to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, since they never forget their positions of defense to the cause of the Palestinian people.

They also thanked President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who follows the principles defended by Fidel Castro of solidarity and fraternity with sister and friendly nations.

In 2018, a program of 200 scholarships in four years was put into operation for Palestinians to study medicine in Cuba, added to a previous one of 10 places.

The head of the official mission told Prensa Latina that during the dialogue with the visitors, the issue of the process of obtaining by Cuban scientists an anti-Covid-19 vaccine which would be available to the Palestinian people came up.

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