Cuba, the U.S. Blockade, and the UN

Cuba, the U.S. Blockade, and the UN
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3 November 2022
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For over 60 years, Cuba has been trampled underfoot by a series of measures-sanctions illegally implemented by the U.S. government, which strongly affect every step on our way to development. Its effects reach, one by one, every field of Cuban society with direct impact on every person’s daily life. The goal is crystal clear: to tire out the people and push them to their limit, so the social project instituted in Cuba since 1959 —which undermines the empire’s goal— can be erased.

Although it is exhausting, it is extremely necessary to raise our voice in every tribune, in Cuba and abroad, to explain to the people of Cuba, first and foremost, that our development is limited due to external factors. And it may sound repetitive, but we sometimes blame our own mess as the triggering cause of shortages. However, the truth is that most of our hardships are designed by a group of people whose goals are to design and execute oppressive strategies knowing the harmful consequences for the Cuban people, even threatening people’s lives.

And, secondly, it is paramount to show the world the existence of this economic, financial and commercial blockade. It is important for Cuba that a growing number of people, organizations, and governments join the claim against this series of extraterritorial actions that punish us arbitrarily, so the weight of their moral authorities help unmask a government that acts with total impunity, a situation that makes the U.S. feel omnipotent.

There have been many scenarios where the Revolution has demanded an end to the measures and all forms of interference that put us under siege. The results have not been decisive, but we believe that little by little we are approaching the path of justice. For 30 years, for example, the platform of the United Nations (UN) has given us hope that we will be able to corner the rulers of the United States to lift the blockade because we have overwhelming support.

Although each year's vote is non-binding, what has happened to date makes us second guess the true reason for the existence of the UN. However, we know that it is the most important scenario to tell our truth to the world and we will continue to do so. To what extent can we believe in an organization that does not comply with its written principles of maintaining peace and security in the world? Why do the UN favor terrorist governments that incite hatred, take wars to other borders, kill and try to suffocate entire peoples? In our case, why ignore the evidence shown and not intercede for the majority vote that increasingly demands the immediate elimination of the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba?

There is no clear answer to that, but we already get the idea.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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