Cuba thanks the world for its solidarity against the blockade

Cuba thanks the world for its solidarity against the blockade
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27 June 2022
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Havana, Jun 27 (RHC)-- Cuba expressed its gratitude for the legitimate demand of friends in solidarity who this Sunday participated in a new international day against the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States more than 60 years ago on our country.

On behalf of the people, the Cuban Foreign Ministry published on Twitter the gratitude, and, in another communication, it said that from several cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, lifting that genocidal policy was an almost unanimous call.

The Ministry informed that activities were carried out in the United States, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Belize, Bahamas, Chile, and Bolivia.

Other regions of the world also joined the call with several initiatives. "The world says No to this criminal and genocidal U.S. policy," stressed the Foreign Ministry.

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