Cuba thanks international support against US blockade

Cuba thanks international support against US blockade
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3 April 2022
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Cuban Ambassador to Russia, Julio Garmendia, on Sunday thanked the support of movements, groups and parties in that country that have joined the world media marathon against the criminal US blockade against Cuba.

In his speech on the Russian YouTube channel Europa por Cuba (Europe for Cuba), the ambassador highlighted the effort of international solidarity in favor of Cuba, people from different countries who have mobilized to denounce the hostility of this US policy.

He recalled that for the past few years the US government has tightened the unilateral economic, commercial and financial measures against Cuba, trying to prevent the island from establishing this kind of relations with the world.

The Cuban ambassador denounced that the White House has increased persecution of Cuban trade operations by punishing shipping companies for arriving at any Cuban port, among other examples.

He stressed that the more than 240 punitive measures in force are having an increasing impact on the lives of the population especially the most vulnerable sectors such as children, senior citizens and pregnant women.

“We are calling on all Cuba’s friends, on progressive people to continue supporting us in this relentless fight,” Garmendia said and spoke about the determination and perseverance of the Russian Committee for the Lifting of the Blockade to achieve this goal.

Russia has historically condemned the US Cuba policy voting every year in favor of the resolution against it presented by Cuba at the UN General Assembly.



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