Cuba supports the One-China principle

Cuba supports the One-China principle
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26 January 2021
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Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla reiterated today on Twitter Cuba’s invariable and unequivocal position of support to the One-China principle, which asserts that the Taiwan region is an inalienable part of that Asian territory, and condemned any interference in that nation's internal affairs.

On Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry replied to the statement of the U.S. Department of State—saying that China should engage in a meaningful dialogue with Taiwan—by urging the U.S. to refrain from sending wrong signals to the forces in favor of Taiwan independence and assuring that the PRC's position on this issue is consistent and clear, as there is only one China in the world, and that region is an inalienable part of the national territory.

Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, emphasized that they are determined to safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity, oppose Taiwan's independence and the interference of external forces.
The 1992 Consensus adopted in that Asian nation establishes the principle of one China, in which the Taiwan region is part of the country.

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