Cuba to resume classes in universities following a health protocol

Cuba to resume classes in universities following a health protocol
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29 August 2020
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Cuba's Minister of Higher Education Jose Ramon Saborido announced on Friday that the country will resume the 2019-2020 academic year next week following a health protocol.

The minister clarified that the universities located in Pinar del Rio (west) and Villa Clara (center) provinces will do so on September 14, and those in Havana, Cuba's capital, and the western Mayabeque, Artemisa and Matanzas provinces do not have a definite date.

During a press briefing, Saborido pointed out that in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, the protocols provided in the prevention and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic will be applied to preserve the health of teachers and students.

He called for taking into account the anxiety of youngsters (some of them without activities since March) and the responsibility shown by the university community.

Responding to a question by Prensa Latina about strategies for Covid-19 outbreaks, Saborido argued that there is certainty in the decision authorities will make and uncertainty about what may happen.

Wherever possible, the minister stated, we must start the school year, we do not have the right to postpone it because the country, the territories need the training of professionals, which is the task of higher education.

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