Cuba to present new destabilizing campaign elements

Cuba to present new destabilizing campaign elements
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16 November 2021
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez announced the presentation of new elements confirming the US campaign for destabilization in Cuba.

During a live-streaming for social networks, Bruno Rodríguez warned about destabilizing attempts to generate chaos, which he described as a failure.

The campaign promoted from the United States, part of a unconventional war to create a ungovernability scenario, matches up with the reopening of airports, tourism sector, classes and other activities and services in Cuba, he condemned.

Earlier to Nov. 15, dozens of US spokesmen spoke about what they really expected to happen in Cuba, he said.

The Cuban foreign minister thanked solidarity of dozens of cities opposing subversion attempts rolled out in Cuba.

In this regard, Bruno Rodríguez acknowledged online CubaVive hashtag support and stressed that the national celebration for the economic reopening and control of Covid-19 happened in and out of Cuba.



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