Cuba to participate with 10 judokas at Grand Slam in Tel Aviv

Cuba to participate with 10 judokas at Grand Slam in Tel Aviv
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10 February 2023
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HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 10 (ACN) Cuba will participate at the Grand Slam (GS) in Tel Aviv, Israel, led by Idalis Ortiz, in over 78 kilograms (kg), and Ivan Silva (90 kg).

Yordanis Arencibia and Julio Alderete, heads of the women's and men's technical groups, respectively, confirmed to the Cuban News Agency (ACN by its Spanish acronym) the presence of the ten athletes registered in the competition that awards points for the world ranking (RM) in view of the list of qualifiers -one per country- for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Arencibia and 13 of her disciples are spending three months training in France, a stay that helps them to prepare and compete in several top-level competitions, as well as 13 of Alderete's pupils, but in Hungary.

Olympic (1-2-1) and world (2-2-4) medalist Idalis Ortiz (+78 kg), sixteenth in the RM, makes her debut in Tel Aviv after several months without competing, while Silva, fifth in the world ranking, assumes her second competitive commitment in 2023.

Alongside Idalis will be Arnaes Odelin (57 kg), del Toro (63 kg) and Idelannis Gomez (70 kg), also present at the Grand Slam in Paris, and Vanesa Godinez (48 kg).

Silva will be joined by Magdiel Estrada (73 kg), in his second tournament, Milko Obregon (60 kg), Danilo Garcia (66 kg) and Maikel Mkencie (81 kg).

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