Cuba marks 92nd birth anniversary of prominent revolutionary intellectual

Cuba marks 92nd birth anniversary of prominent revolutionary intellectual
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13 June 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 13 (ACN) Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuban PM, recalled today on Twitter the 92nd anniversary of the birth of Armando Hart Davalos, whom he described as an outstanding revolutionary fighter and intellectual.

Armando Hart Davalos was born in Havana on June 13, 1930 and died on November 26, 2017.

He was a member of the National Directorate of the 26th of July Movement and after the overthrow of the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship he was appointed minister of education of the Cuban revolutionary government, a position he held until 1965.



Hart Davalos was part of the national leadership of the Integrated Revolutionary Organizations (ORI by its Sanish acronym) ) and the United Party of the Socialist Revolution of Cuba (PURSC by its Spanish acronm). When the Communist Party of Cuba was created in 1965, he was elected member of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba.

He was appointed minister of culture from the creation of that ministry until 1997, when he became director of the Office of the Martí Program, attached to the Council of State.

As an intellectual he had an extensive work dedicated to the study of the historical personality and thought of Jose Marti. He created and presided over the Jose Marti Cultural Society and was distinguished as Doctor Honoris Causa by prestigious Cuban and foreign universities.

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