Cuba insists on safe, orderly migration agreement with U.S.

Cuba insists on safe, orderly migration agreement with U.S.
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9 July 2021
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Cuba on Thursday insisted on promoting an orderly and safe emigration with the United States, Cuba´s Interior Ministry (MININT) Col. Mario Méndez Mayedo said.

Mayedo, who serves as head of Identification, Immigration and Immigration, stated on the radio and TV program Mesa Redonda that Cuba has implemented manifold steps to attain a mutually agreed flow of migrants with the US government.

Col. Mayedo also said that the migratory flow is not hampered by Cuba, where over a million citizens left the country in more than five million trips.

However, he said, during the Donald Trump administration the possibility for Cubans to travel from/to the United States scaled down notoriously.

This, he remarked, ramped up the number of illegal crossings from Cuba, being documented by footage shown in his speech, stressing that President Joe Biden administration still remains Trump´s migration and other issues on Cuba unchanged.

Mayedo urged the need to comply with the immigration agreements between Havana and Washington, especially based on what he described as 'manipulation and business'.

He said that the vast majority of illegal migrants (574) extradited to Cuba in this year come from the United States.


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