Cuba to host course on Marxist thought in Afro-America

Cuba to host course on Marxist thought in Afro-America
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28 February 2023
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The Havana-based Casa de las Americas convened the International Summer Course on "Marxist Thought in Afro-America," which will take place from July 3 to July 7.

The purpose of the course is to contribute to enriching the Marxist theoretical heritage, from Cuba’s experience in its struggle against slavery, colonial and neocolonial oppression, capitalist logic and imperialist domination, and its historic-cultural belonging to the Global South, according to Casa de las Americas.

The main thematic axes for debate will be Marxism, Pan-Africanism, feminism: affluences and confluences and Marxist apprehensions of social movements.

Participants will include professors from several countries, two daily lectures are planned for a total of 10, and book presentations and other events will be held in the evenings.

Up to 40 places will be granted, 20 for residents outside of Cuba and the same number for participants in person, and those interested can consult details on the official website of Casa de las Americas.

The call will be open from February 27 to April 30, and confirmation of enrollment and the course program will be published on May 10.

Casa de las Americas is a Cuban cultural institution founded in 1959 to defend sociocultural integration with Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

It also disseminates artistic and literary materials from the region through promotional activities, courses, concerts, contests, exhibitions, festivals and seminars, among other initiatives.

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