Cuba for a good New Year´s Eve without neglecting sanitary measures

Cuba for a good New Year´s Eve without neglecting sanitary measures
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25 December 2020
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Cuba marks today its New Year's celebrations with a call to reinforce the hygienic-sanitary measures against Covid-19 in view of the most complex epidemiological scenario since the beginning of the pandemic.

Scientists, specialists and authorities of the country insist on the individual responsibility to stop the increase of positive people to SARS-CoV-2 due to a great extent to the amount of imported cases.

The Public Health Ministry reported 217 new infections with Covid-19 among 13,138 samples studied in the last 24 hours, a record number for one day since the first positive case was confirmed on the island nine months ago.

According to the official source, the country maintains 1,194 active cases and 718 suspects.

According to the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing of the University of Havana, Raul Guinovart, there are conditions to maintain an upward trend in the coming days due to the arrival of more visitors to the country.

In the expert's opinion, it is necessary to assume a new normality when dealing with people coming from other nations, and to respect hygienic measures and the established quarantine.

Besides, Cuba will start demanding in January 2021 a negative PCR test for Covid-19 to travelers coming from abroad, carried out by a certified laboratory in the country of origin.

The indication published on the official site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that this test must be carried out within a period of 72 hours before arrival in Cuban territory.


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