Cuba is an example of solidarity, a Chilean political leader state

Cuba is an example of solidarity, a Chilean political leader state
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28 January 2023
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Chilean political leader Lucy Muñoz on Friday highlighted the generosity of the Cuban Revolution that, despite the United States blockade, has assisted many peoples during Covid-19 pandemic and in other difficult situations.

At difficult times of the pandemic, medical brigades from Cuba saved lives in several countries, the joint president of the Social Green Regionalist Federation (FRVS) in Maule told Prensa Latina.

Muñoz, who is also a member of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in that central region, recalled the training received by hundreds of Chileans in the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Havana.

More remote in time is the medical aid provided by Cuba to the victims of the May 1960 earthquake in the region of Valdivia and the shipment of sugar sent to Chile in 1973 when the Government of Salvador Allende was blockaded.

The political activist underscored that she had the good fortune of meeting Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro when he visited Chile in 1971.

The Maule solidarity committee, named after the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, organized an event in support of the Caribbean island and against the US blockade at which union, student and political organizations, members of the FRVS and the teachers’ college, as well as human rights organizations, participated.

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