Cuba builds daily a work of social justice

Cuba builds daily a work of social justice
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27 July 2022
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Havana, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) The US blockade limits the development of human rights of the Cuban people, however, this country daily builds a work of social justice the world acknowledges.

For more than 60 years, this genocidal policy has been encouraging signs of solidarity and humanism towards Cubans, and as President Miguel Díaz-Canel said in his speech for the National Rebellion Day, “the blockade is today the best proof that socialism does work”.

From the southern province of Cienfuegos, venue of the main rally for the 69th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, he called to build a better country from the grassroots that unite every revolutionary.

His words, full of gratitude and respect for the youth of July 26, 1953, also had a message for the current generations, who have the task that “if they were able do it, we can do it”.

Diaz-Canel also urged the Cuban youth to attack the strongholds of economic inefficiency, bureaucracy, insensitivity and hatred in order to build the prosperity that the nation deserves.

The past cannot be the present, the President said before more than 10,000 people from Cienfuegos who represented the province on Tuesday at the event. And he again highlighted the work of the youth in the preservation of the historical legacy, dates, symbols, sites, men and women who once forged the country.

The attempts of domination of successive US governments against Cuba -he added- are daily evidence of the unilateral policy of blockade.

The struggle will continue, the Cuban President has reiterated on several occasions, and in the face of such a nightmare of more than sixty years, he urged “to build a better country ourselves”, inspired by the youth who sought peace, tranquility and victory in the Centenary of the Apostle, Jose Marti.

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