Cuba and Grenada to honour former PM Maurice Bishop

Cuba and Grenada to honour former PM Maurice Bishop
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18 April 2024
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GRENADA IS set to honour former Prime Minister Maurice Bishop with a commemorative bust.

A Cuban foundation will work along with the Government of Grenada to create the bust in honour of the revolutionary Grenadian leader, according to reports in Prensa Latina.

Following a recent official visit to Cuba, Grenada’s PM Dickon Mitchell confirmed in a press conference in Saint George that the purpose of his visit was to achieve the initiative as part of the activities for the National Heroes Day, to be celebrated on 19 October.

The PM expressed during his stay in Cuba, he initiated official talks to commission a work representing Maurice Bishop and his 18 comrades killed in 1983.

An experienced  Cuban foundation is expected to work with Mitchell to complete the creation of the busts.

Mitchell also announced the beginning of a relationship with that foundation – who will teach Grenadian students the sculpturing.

The Prime Minister’s official visit to Cuba took place between April 11 and 14, marking the 45th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two nations – which was established on April 14, 1979.

His program of activities included official talks with Cuban authorities, and the signing of nine Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) related to health, education, agriculture, tourism and sports.

Mitchell also made a historical cultural exchange tour, reflecting on the mutual respect between the two Caribbean countries, which is based on the friendship between Bishop and former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

Public holiday

In 2022, the government of Grenada announced that 19 October will be declared a public holiday to commemorate Bishop.

The public holiday will also acknowledge the execution of the former leader of Grenada and several members of his cabinet in 1983. 

Speaking in 2022, at a ceremony where the killings took place, Culture Minister Ron Redhead said the new administration of Grenada wants to move the country forward but the past needs to be addressed. 

“We must address the healing of our nation. To this end, government will use this opportunity to propose a series of actions geared towards promoting national healing from the demise of the Revolution,” he told the ceremony, which was attended by government officials. 

“Special consideration will be given to developing our national heroes’ framework to designate a day entitled ‘Maurice Bishop Day’, among others,” he added. 

Bishop was the leader of the new Jewel Movement which sought to priorities education, black liberation and socio-economic development on the Caribbean island.

During the 1979 revolution, Bishop’s party removed Eric Gairy from office. 

Bishop then headed the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada from 1979 to 1983, when he was dismissed from his post and executed along with several members of his cabinet by firing-squad during a coup. 

The location of Bishop’s remains is still unknown, despite searches by forensic anthropologists.

Several civilians also died at Fort Rupert, which has now been remanded Fort George.

In February this year, the tri-island state Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique marked 50 years of independence from Britain.

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