Cuba and Germany exchange on the state of bilateral relations

Cuba and Germany exchange on the state of bilateral relations
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12 December 2020
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Ana Teresita González, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, received on Friday Heidrun Tempel, German Ambassador to Cuba, with whom she exchanged views on bilateral relations between the two governments.

During the meeting, both representatives talked about the current situation of confrontation to the COVID-19 pandemic and about the potentialities to expand the economic and commercial links between Havana and Berlin, according to Gonzalez's official Twitter profile.

"I received the Ambassador of #Germany in #Cuba, H.E. Ms. Heidrun Tempel, with whom we exchanged on the current situation of confrontation to the #COVID19 and the potentialities to strengthen our economic, commercial, cooperation and business ties," tweeted the Cuban Vice Minister.

Last September, both nations started the promotion by videoconference of exports and foreign investment in selected and prioritized sectors of the Cuban economy, through three Digital Business Trips, held from September 29 to October 2, from November 9 to 13 and the last one from November 23 to 27.

The first of these tours was dedicated to the sector of the construction industry and infrastructure, with special attention to the restoration and conservation of monuments, the second to the sources of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the third to the field of waste management and recycling with a focus on sustainable waste management, refers Cubaminrex.

At the beginning of this year, Cuba and Germany held the Inter-Chancellery Political Consultations, headed by Emilio Lozada, General Director of Bilateral Affairs of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Marian Schuegraf, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the European nation's Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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