Cuba affirms that its embassy in Ukraine is in operation

Cuba affirms that its embassy in Ukraine is in operation
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26 February 2022
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The Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) confirmed on Saturday that the country's Embassy in Ukraine is operational.

The staff of the diplomatic mission in that country is well and remains in contact with Cuban residents, as part of consular assistance, the Foreign Ministry confirmed in a message on Twitter.

On February 24, the Russian Federation began a special military operation at the request of the Donest and Lugansk People’s Republics, which were under siege by the Ukrainian Army.

The day before, Gisela Garcia, director of the Europe and Canada Department at MINREX, meet with the charge d’affaires of the Ukrainian Embassy in Havana and conveyed Cuba’s stance on a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict, and lamented the human losses.

The diplomat tweeted that during the meeting, she also referred to Cuba’s historic position of denouncing the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) towards Russia’s borders as a threat to global security.

On February 22, the Cuban Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it advocated a diplomatic solution to the conflict and called for the preservation of international peace and security while warning about the danger of the expansion of the Atlantic alliance towards the borders of the Russian Federation.

The text called on the United States and NATO to deal realistically and seriously with the demands for Russia’s security guarantees.

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