Covid-19 in Cuba: Back to Normal?

Covid-19 in Cuba: Back to Normal?
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27 September 2021
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Normalcy means kissing and hugging ourselves, not wearing facemasks or living unafraid of people being close to us, or being careless when someone coughs by our side, or walking with a small recipient filled with a hydroalcoholic solution…

No, we will not get back to normalcy. Those believing so are wrong and put themselves at high risk. 

It is true that gastronomic and other sort of services resume activities in provinces where the virus are somehow under control. It is true that the school year is about to begin. But it does not mean we have defeated the coronavirus anyway.

Let’s not forget that, a few months back, blocks were totally shut down with the emergence of only two positive cases and entire neighborhoods were in red flags. How come, with many more positive cases and new strains of SARS-CoV-2, more threatening actually, are we going to believe we are close to the end of this nightmare?

Moreover, well-respected D.Sc. Raúl Guinovart Díaz, dean at the School of Mathematics and Computing at the University of Havana, explained in a recent expert and scientific group meeting to address the challenging of coronavirus that “in the short run, predictions are not favorable for Cuba.”

The country will reach a plateau behavior in the coming weeks where contagions and death will still be entering into the accounts.

Definitively, the disease is closely monitored. Provinces where the situation is out of control are identified and the government acts accordingly. Simultaneously, actions have proven effective when taken properly; for instance, the case of Matanzas province is the most significant.

But it does not mean that precautions must be relaxed. That is why it is paramount that facilities about to open meet the appropriate standards all the time.

Regretfully, people are not so disciplined in this island and sometimes anything that begins well, ends badly. As time passes by, usually standards and quality vanish.

It is extremely important that this does not happen to gastronomic services and others about to resume activities. Keeping one’s distance is paramount. It is mandatory that commissions responsible of monitoring actions do their job well. Clients must be aware that the threat is still out there.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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