Cohiba at the top of Habanos

Cohiba at the top of Habanos
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30 November 2022
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There are symbols about Cuba that changes according to time, individual experiences and advertisement campaigns, but most of them remain, unwaveringly, in people imagination and identify us. That is the case of Cuban cigar. We are associated to it internationally. While it is a tradition and culture for Cubans.

Cigars in Cuba are closely linked to Cuban natives since remote times. And we have surely pictured in our minds images or our natives gathering in loin clothes, resting and puffing calmly on a very tasteful Cohiba: term form Taínos to name that rustic roll, known today as cigar.

With the discovery of America, its cultivation and enjoyment spread to other regions, however, the tobacco made in Cuba continues to be preferred for its quality expressed in aromas and flavors. Experts consider it unmatched and that is why it is believed to be “the best of all.”

Those who know about this issue states that its excellence is closely related to certain unique conditions such as the weather, the soil and also the traditional way of conceiving it from the start of the planting process to the table where it is twisted. It is a unique set of factors and the result is a genuine product of the highest quality, well-regarded in five continents.

Habanos S.A.

Mentioning Habanos is synonym of “uniqueness” in the world. It is a direct reference to perfection and exclusiveness, with special care in each stage of development and preservation, before the smoker tastes it. That is why Habanos showcases a wide portfolio with 27 registered trademarks. Cohiba certainly stands out among them.

Cohiba is the flagship cigar. It stands out among all for its physical feature and owns the added value of history, its emergence, and celebrities give them prestige. Cohiba has been the favorite cigar of celebrities such as Fidel Castro, Omara Portuondo, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, and many more.

According to Habanos S.A. Co-president, Inocente Núñez Blanco, “it is so established in the market that Cohiba is a product that sells itself. Its best advertisement is the quality maintained for years, and, behind it, a centuries-old practice, transferred from one generation to another.” Thus, he speaks passionately about the world of cigars, while smoking and showing us a COHIBA 55th Anniversary Limited Edition.


Since last year, Habanos S.A. is celebrating the 55th anniversary of its brand par excellence, Cohiba. To this end, it envisaged three top-quality products: Cohiba Ambar, Cohiba Ideales, and the most exclusive, COHIBA 55th Anniversary Limited Edition 2021.

Núñez Blanco tells us that “the corporation has held events in Cuba and also Habanos’ main sales destinations with them as the star products. And they have had great receptions so far.”

Every cigar brand name owns organoleptic characteristics that define its length and width, with a unique presentation determined by its format.” But there is one thing that converge in these three long-filled cigars: their handmade process.

In all cases, for its preparation, the most select leaves are chosen one by one, harvested in Vegas de Vuelta Abajo, in the province of Pinar del Río, after a rigorous aging process to give them that captivating aroma and, of course, taste.

“This has been the hallmark of Cohiba since its emergence in 1966, and paying close attention to every detail to preserve the exclusivity that collectors and fans of Premium cigars expect” —continues the co-president.

The company

On its positioning on the market, he told us that “we are going through good times. Despite difficulties arisen after Covid-19, and other limitations, the Cuban cigar is still strong, very demanded, and with high prestige worldwide. And this is good reason to celebrate. Habanos S.A. together with the tobacco industry are doing our best to maintain its presence in the international market.”

"The company is renewed day by day, and as customers are used to with the standard portfolio, and the novelties, the products offered now are high-end luxury products and great things are expected from them."

Núñez Blanco also said that the Havana International Fair (FIHAV 2022) “generated considerable excitement because many clients came to request distribution possibilities in different countries. Their proposals were heard and at this moment, all of them are given proper assessment.”

“As usual, the most important event in the industry will return in the month of February: The Habano Festival. In this 23rd edition, Habanos S.A. draws up with great detail a program of activities with many surprises. The gala night will be dedicated to the Partagás brand.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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