Classified documents also found at Mike Pence´s Indiana home

Classified documents also found at Mike Pence´s Indiana home
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24 January 2023
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Greg Jacob, attorney for former Vice President Mike Pence found about a dozen documents marked as classified at Pence´s Indiana home last week, and he has turned those classified records over to the FBI.

The classified documents were discovered at Pence’s new home in Carmel, Indiana, by a lawyer for Pence in the wake of the revelations about classified material discovered in President Joe Biden’s private office and residence, the sources said. The discovery comes after Pence has repeatedly said he did not have any classified documents in his possession.

The classified material was stored in boxes that first went to Pence’s temporary home in Virginia before they were moved to Indiana, according to the sources. The boxes were not in a secure area, but they were taped up and were not believed to have been opened since they were packed, according to Pence’s attorney. Once the classified documents were discovered, the sources said they were placed inside a safe located in the house.

The interesting thing now is that the information comes to light at a time Pence repeatedly denied having in his possession such documents and expressed criticism of Biden, who is in the spotlight for the discovery of similar material in his Delaware home.

In this way Mike Pence – a potential candidate for the 2024 elections – joins the list of politicians who took home classified documents.

For the Republican Party, which is trying to turn the page on the political crisis created a few days ago with the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Biden’s was a gift.

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