Chinese tourism events boost Cuba as a unique destination

Chinese tourism events boost Cuba as a unique destination
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2 December 2023
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Cuba and its promotional Unique campaign participates here on Saturday for the first time in the 8th World Leisure Tourism Exposition in Hainan and in the 9th International Exhibition of Tourism and Gastronomy.

Vice-President of China’s Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chunhong Lin exchanged with Cuban representatives on the special friendly relations and the potential of Cuban tourism and its export products.

Tourism Counselor of the Cuban Embassy in China, Elizabeth Vela, who heads Cuba’s delegation to these events, confirmed so to Prensa Latina.

In an exchange with Chinese visitors, they expressed their admiration for the beauty of Cuban landscapes, the nation’s typical products and the friendliness of its people, Vela stated.

Cuba promotes here its safety features and connection with nature, aspects of great interest for Chinese travelers.

Vela underscored that the Cuba Unique Campaign launched this year in China reaches a better position each day in China.

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