Chinese Army Surrounds Taiwan with Live-fire Military Drills

Chinese Army Surrounds Taiwan with Live-fire Military Drills
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8 April 2023
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The People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China on Saturday began three days of air-sea military drills in several points around Taiwan, assuring that they are a "severe warning against the independence provocations" by the island.



The military maneuver consists of combat drills and patrols in the north and south regions of the territory, as well as the deployment of aircraft and ships in the east.


Shi Yi, a spokesperson for the PLA Eastern Theater Command, noted that with these exercises, the troops are ready to act and take the necessary measures against interference by external forces and defend China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.


The Army has reportedly deployed conventional and long-range missiles, fighter jets, and aircraft carriers such as the Shandong, in addition to warships, equipment, and the newest weaponry, which have been involved in mass and high-intensity drills since last week.


These operations and the sanctions announced on Friday are part of China’s response to Wednesday’s meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and United States House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California.


Experts quoted by local media assured that the PLA prepared an offensive similar to the one carried out in August, when Nancy Pelosi, McCarthy’s predecessor, visited Taipei.


It even organized contingency plans to respond to whatever the Taiwanese leader said or did during her stopover in the United States after visiting Belize and Guatemala.

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